Young musicians are the connective tissue of our humanity. It is they who carry the message of understanding, compassion and love and generate the vibrations which no barriers can stop and who, in their music-making, display a joy that can only come through good will and trust between people of various backgrounds…
— In a letter addressed to Maestro Igor Coretti Kuret, European Spirit of Youth Orchestra’s creator and conductor



The European Spirit of Youth Orchestra (formerly Central European Initiative Youth Orchestra and The Wonderful Youth Orchestra, based in Trieste, artistic director Igor Coretti Kuret), is a symphonic orchestra comprised of young people from 11 to 18 years old who attend the leading music schools within 20 countries and more than 70 music schools. The students from Serbia participated in most of WYO projects. Orchestra aims to give young musicians the chance to meet and learn under very special circumstances. They all have one thing in common: they play an instrument and they play it very well because they have spent part of their childhood doing so with great enthusiasm,an enthusiasm that should remain with them for the rest of their lives. The Orchestra is conceived in such a way as to offer them a real challenge in playing together, providing them with a powerful emotional and spiritual stimulus which will help them in developing their full musical and human potential. Working and learning together in an orchestra in order to achieve a deeper understanding of music is a valuable experience for these young people in order to better understand, accept and hopefully love the world they are exploring Wonderful Youth Orchestra.

In twenty years of uninterrupted activity, created by Maestro Igor Coretti Kuret, the youth symphony orchestra has proven its validity which perfectly reflects some of the guiding principles of the European idea: to bring together people from European Countries in common endeavors, to focus on the young and the talented, to offer an intellectually stimulating environment and to present the European spirit of cooperation to the wide public at its best through its excellency, creativity, optimism, orientation towards the future and full appreciation of the musical heritage.

By giving the project the name European Spirit of Youth Orchestra, the main objectives has been highlighted as well as the intention to develop and extend the actions of a 20 years-old Project which also received the financial support of the Commission on Culture and Education of the EU (in 2005 Programme Culture 2000 and from 2008 to 2010 Programme Culture 2007-2013).

More than 2.500 young musicians selected, 4.000 music teachers and tutors involved in selections, as well as about 50 outstanding professional musicians preparing young “colleagues” from Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Ukraine, on occasion of intensive rehearsals and concert tours, since 1994.

Soloists (internationally awarded artists) performing with the orchestra, since 1994: Uto Ughi (violin), Giovanni Angeleri (violin), Miha Pogacčnik (Violin), Erno Kallai (violin), Stefan Besan (violin) and Anna Tifu (violin), Irena Josifovska (cello), Bogdan Sydorenko (clarinet), Stanko Arnold (trumpet) and writer Paolo Rumiz (author and narrator).

Igor Coretti Kuret (Music director & principal conductor)
Maestro Riccardo Muti (on occasion of World War 1, solemn memorial concert hosted in Redipuglia, July 2014)


The European Spirit of Youth Orchestra (sa sedištem u Trstu, umetnički direktor Igor Coretti Kuret) je simfonijski orkestar sastavljen od muzičara uzrasta od 11 do 18 godina, učenika muzičkih škola iz više od 20 evropskih zemalja. Naši učenici učestvovali su aktivno u većini projekata ovog orkestra koji na programu ima zahtevna dela simfonijske literature i sa uspehom nastupa u mnogim evropskim zemljama. Zajednica muzičkih i baletskih škola Srbije uspešno sarađuje sa orkestrom, a audicije se pred svaku sezonu održavaju u Muzičkoj školi Davorin Jenko, u Beogradu. Potrebne informacije o audicijama, planu koncerata, zimskim i letnjim kampovima i turnejama, redovno se prosleđuju svim u muzičkim školama u Srbiji.

European Spirit of Youth Orchestra


Sadržaj ovog sajta je zaštićen autorskim pravima čiji je nosilac i koja zadržava Zajednica muzičkih i baletskih škola Srbije.